Organized by the Sport Incub association in partnership with the Shift Balance NGO, the TILC-Talk was born from a desire to identify and understand the origins of the gender equality issue in sports in France and abroad, by giving the floor to protagonists of the question.

The TILC-Talk 2018 will take place on Sunday August 12th 2018 at the Ernest Wallon Stadium, and will address questions regarding the place of women in sports, the fight against prejudice and stereotypes, and solutions for a truly egalitarian future.

It will bring together speakers from the world of high level sports, who will each share their unique stories, the obstacles encountered in their respective careers and their ideas for achieving true gender equality in sports.


Learn from the personal experiences of top athletes from around the world, with remarkable stories and unique backgrounds

Raise awareness on the persistent inequalities between high-level sportsmen and sportswomen

Promote the practice of sports by everyone, locally and internationally, by inspiring girls and boys everywhere to pursue their passion and reach their full potential 

Achieve real equality in sports for future generations


Speakers from the world of high level sports
Four athletes from the international sporting elite
Four success stories with unique and remarkable paths

They will offer their unique point of view on the situation and the place of female athletes in the world. Through their personal experiences, they will share their ideas for an egalitarian future


Hajra Khan is a Pakistani football player who currently plays for the Pakistani club Balochistan United Women's Football Club, and for the Pakistan women’s national football team.

Born in December 1993 in Karachi, she made her debut for the Pakistan women’s national football team at the age of 15, and has been its captain since 2014.

That same year she made history, as the first Pakistani football player ever to sign an international contract, with the Sun Hotels and Resorts Football Club in the Maldives.

Talented and ambitious, she has been noticed by european clubs, and in 2015 she was invited to partake in selection tests with four German clubs evolving in the Frauen-Bundesliga.
Unfortunately, she was not able to accept a transfer offer from MSV Duisburg due to visa issues.
Beyond her impressive sporting career, she is also a committed activist advocating for gender equality policies and equal opportunities in sports. She hopes to be an actor of change by promoting women’s football at all levels in Pakistan and abroad.
She is a UNICEF MH Champion, a part of the UNWomen BEAT ME Campaign and is listed in the Malala Fund Top 18 Game Changers. She Believes that women must exercise their rights to sports and empower themselves through it.

I will do anything in my capacity to be the voice of women and girls playing football in Pakistan. I have immense hope.” Hajra Khan



« Shift balance is a think and action tank sparking conversations on the need for a more balancedsociety. It is a positive activism platform wishing to renew the conversation around feminism in particular and gender balance in general. Making it more fun, more inclusive, more visual and creative.

Our mission:
to collect, produce and spread information on everyday sexism and existing solutions!

Our objective:
transform each of us in to a balancemaker! »

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Created in 2016, Sport Incub is a non-profit organisation whose main aim is to develop and promote high level sports and athletes in Toulouse and the Occitanie Region.

The association promotes sport disciplines and high level athletes who get little or no media coverage, and helps them launch their careers.

More specifically, the association aims to promote and publicize high level women’s sports and athletes, by advocating for equal opportunity policies in sports at all levels.

Since 2017, the Sport Incub Association organises the Toulouse International Ladies Cup, an annual pre-season tournament reserved only for the top women’s football clubs worldwide, whose core purpose is to promote gender equality in sports and develop women’s football worldwide.

In 2016, the association won the jury prize at the 2016 edition of the “Trophées Sentez-Vous Sport” for its numerous initiatives in favour of local high level athletes, in particular for supporting them before, during and after the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil.